Off Campus Co-op:

The term co-op work permit allows the students to work full time during regular school terms. The students applying for co-op or intern work permit must have a valid study permit, the work required must be to complete your study program in Canada, a school letter confirming the hand over degree only after work completion and internship, and many more. 

Spousal open-up:

This open work permit allows spouses or common law partners to work in Canada while applying for permanent residence through Spousal Sponsorship in the country. In respect of being eligible for the same, the person responsible must be already living in Canada at the same address as their partner and preferably on legal status.


Post-Graduation Work Permit Program is launched for graduate students from designated learning institutions in Canada. Some students are allowed to work after they have completed their program of study and are waiting for a decision to be made regarding their post graduation.  Through this open work permit, the students attain valuable Canadian work experience as well.


Bridging Open Work Permit program allows you to keep working while the application of your permanent residence is being processed. An open work permit allows its holder to work under an employer in Canada if the expiry of their current work permit is due in four months; making it beneficial for all.


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