Canadian spousal sponsorship comes into action when Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor their partner or spouse to come to live permanently in Canada. A person who is a permanent resident of Canada can sponsor a person as his/ her spouse if that very person is married to the permanent resident legally. A marriage between two people of the same sex is also recognized for immigration purposes, if the marriage was legally performed in Canada, or was performed outside of Canada in any other country where marriage between two people of the same sex is legally recognized.


Canadian children sponsorship programs hold sponsorship for your own child when they qualify as dependents after meeting the two main requirements.

  • The children are under 22 years of age
  • The children don’t have a spouse or a common law partner.

Also to be eligible for the sponsorship, the child must meet all the eligibility requirements; i.e. all the required forms and documents along with the application.

Other dep:

Sponsorship programs for other dependent children or adopted children, allows you to sponsor your child as the permanent residence of Canada or adopt a child from another country. For sponsoring your own dependent child, if you are eligible, you must be able to provide financial support to them and also make sure that they won’t require any social assistance from the government. For adopting a child from another country the immigration process has two main steps. The application for sponsorship and the application for permanent residency of the child should be submitted.


Parent and Grandparent program permits Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor the immigration of their parents and grandparents. It is one of the most popular sponsor programs under which parents and grandparents are granted permanent residence and may apply for Canadian citizenship later.


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