Provincial Nomination Program


Provincial Nominee Programs is one of the main criteria under Canada’s immigration policy, approximately more than 250,000 people expected to earn the Canadian permanent residency through a Provincial Nominee Program, it is one of the fastest-growing economic Canadian immigration pathways.

Under these Programs, provinces and territories in Canada are allowed to nominate individuals and families who desire to settle in their province or territory based on criteria set by the province. Each province and territory has a right to determine their own eligibility criteria for the nominee programs. 

Let’s say for example, one province decides to prioritize bringing in provincial nominees with experience in a certain occupation, while another province decides to prioritize bringing in provincial nominees with certain language experience. It usually depends upon the needs of each specific province and territory.

#This program is for workers who:

have certain skills, education and work experience to contribute to a specific province or territory and want to become a  permanent resident of the country.

In order to become a provincial nominee, applicants must make themselves appealing to meet the set criteria. This program shows that the applicant has the skills, education, and work experience which makes him able to make a positive contribution to the local economy and society.


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