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In order to migrate to Canada as a refugee, one needs to be referred under any of the two categories; which are Convention refugee abroad class or Country of asylum class. After being referred in one of the above categories, the person has to file the application either for Convention refugee or for Humanitarian protected person abroad. The main step is to pass a medical exam and get qualified in security and criminal check. 


The major immigration problem in Canada is inadmissibility. Inadmissibility immigration in Canada means a person is prohibited from entering the nation due to some listed reasons. There are  different causes for inadmissibility, basically dealing with medical issues or criminal history. It is important to mention that inadmissibility for immigration  applies to all applicants included in the application to Canada.


To obtain citizenship in Canada; one needs to follow some particular guidelines like: one needs to be a permanent residence, one must have lived in Canada for the past 3 years out of 5, one had properly filed taxes if needed, one has passed the respective citizenship test, one must be fluent in speaking either English or French.


While travelling back to Canada, to prove that you are a permanent residence, you need a PR card or (PRTD) Permanent Resident Travel Document issued by the Canadian visa office. Although if your PR expires, you still have your PR status and can renew your card later. 


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