Express Entry:

Canada’s Express Entry system is the fastest and most popular pathway for individuals seeking a fresh start in Canada. It is a selection process used by the Canadian government for immigration of  Refugees and Citizenship in Canada and  to choose skilled immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada. The express entry system is acquired by those who want to attain permanent residency in Canada.

Provincial Nomination Program:

Provincial Nominee Programs is one of the e fastest-growing economic Canadian immigration pathways. Under these Programs, provinces and territories in Canada are allowed to nominate individuals and families who desire to settle in their province or territory based on criteria set by the province. Each province and territory has a right to determine their own eligibility criteria for the nominee programs.


Due to a demanding career, extra help is often needed in the household which is thereby increasing the demand of live-in caregivers in Canada. Although interim caregiver is a lane for qualifying in-home caregivers and their families yet they are a limited time pathway for permanent residence.

Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds:

H & Cs candidates are people who file applications from within Canada. These grounds are reserved for people who do not have their legal status as residents but have still made Canada their home.  They have some listed rules and regulations as per which they are eligible to apply.


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