Labour Market Impact Assessment :  

LMIA is a form of labour market union created to protect Canada’s domestic job marketplace, as well as protect foreign workers employed in Canada. A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a document issued by Canadian Government, assessing the impact of hiring a foreign national in Canada. Generally, if a Canadian employer would like to hire a temporary foreign worker to work in Canada, they must submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment application to Employment and Social Development Canada.


The Intra-Company Transfer program allows you to secure a Canadian work permit through the process of transfer within the company. Intra-Company transfers can take place from any country and if done qualitatively it brings value to the economy of Canada in the form of their skills and expertise. The categories listed for ITC can be executives, senior managers and workers with ‘specialized knowledge’.


International Experience Canada is a program initiated by the Government of Canada which allows travellers of 18 to 35 years of age from 33 selected countries to work in Canada. The main IEC work permit categories are: 

  • Working Holiday permit (WHP)
  • Young Professionals (YP)
  • International Co-op (Internship)

Charitable or Religious Work : 

The religious or charitable program is a work visa that permits the entry of foreign workers to Canada on a temporary basis which allows them to carry out duties for charitable and religious organizations. However, it is essential for the workers to possess required credentials, documentation, experience and skills necessary for the position and purpose they hold. 


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